Popular books I haven’t read and why

Here’s a blog post that will either make you cringe with disappointment or bring you a sense of relief. I’ve listed some popular books that came to mind that I haven’t read, and maybe you can relate. I can’t say I won’t ever read them, but they are not currently on my TBR list.

1. The Fault In Our Stars

I feel like I’ve both read this book and seen the movie about 100 times with amount of quotes and scenes scattered all over social media. Everyone and their mom has read it. But what I don’t understand is why you would put yourself through so much misery and actually pay John Green to do this to you. Nothing against him. I’ve read three other books by him and absolutely loved them, but I just can’t bring myself to actually spend my recreational time reading something that will make me ugly cry.

2. The Divergent Series

Sorry if I’ve already offended anyone just from my lack of reading these books. It’s not that they’ve never caught my attention. Maybe I was busy when they were released or maybe I’m just too loyal to The Hunger Games Series that I was afraid to compare the two? Not really sure, but I’ve seen the movies so that should count as something, right?

3. Eleanor & Park

I remember seeing this book at Wal-Mart and I liked the cover. Then I read the summary and it sounded depressing so I never bought it. But for some reason I always see it again somewhere else and read the summary again to see if I have a change of heart but I never do. And to this day, I still forget what it’s about.

4. The Book Thief

I love World War II history. I saw the movie before I read the book, which was a huge mistake. I think I would’ve read the book if I hadn’t seen the movie. I know it’s never the same as reading the book, but maybe after a few more years, when I forget the movie, I’ll come back to it.

5. 1984

I feel like this is one of those books that’s included in a list of “Books to Read Before You Die.” My logic is, maybe if I don’t read it, I won’t ever die. The funny part is that I actually own this book, and it’s still just sitting there. I’ve probably started it about 10 times but it hasn’t grabbed my attention yet. One day.

6. The Art Of Racing in the Rain

There’s a dog, and it probably dies.

And that’s my list. There are an endless amount of books I could add to this list but we’ll just leave it as that. Let me know if you also haven’t read some of these books. Or if you have, how were they?


If you’re interested in reading any of these books, I’ve conveniently them all down below for you to check out:

2 thoughts on “Popular books I haven’t read and why

  1. I’ve heard of these books, but I have only read the divergent series, and that’s is because I saw the movie and thought the premise sounded interesting. Like you, I’ve seen enough of “The fault in our stars” splashed across social media, that I practically know the story. Maybe one day I’ll read the rest. I heard you are going to be here for a visit!! I’m so excited. Sorry we didn’t facetime, I have been so busy and I’m never notified when you reply to my comments, It’s only when you post something new that I see you replied! 😀 Hopefully we can hang out while you are here. Girls night!! LOL See you soon.

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