Currently Reading (No. 3)

Hi everyone! I’m here to update you on my reading challenge for this year. I have to admit that I kinda fell behind on my reading in the past couple months, but this month I’ve been doing lots of catching up! For those of you who are new here, my reading goal for this year is 30 books. I missed it by one last year, but I’m really eager to reach it this year.

At the moment, my back and has been giving me a bit of pain. So I can hardly do anything other than lie down. I’ve been using this to my advantage and have been binging on books lately.

If you follow me on Goodreads, you can see some of the books I’ve been reading this year. By the end of this month I’ll have read 11 books so far this year. Still a bit behind, but I know I can catch up!

These are a few books I’ve loved the most so far:

Have you read any of these? What did you think about them?

I really try to incorporate different genres into my reading schedule because it helps broaden my knowledge and enhances my imagination through different viewpoints. It also gives me a wide range of writing styles to learn from. I find it interesting how different authors have different strengths and they use those strengths to create these wonderful works of art. So it helps me discover my own writing style and what my strengths are.

So now that you know what I’ve been loving so far, these are the books I’m currently reading and will be reading in the near future.

What are some of your TBRs? Any recommendations?

I’ll be finishing up the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy within the next week or so. Kwan’s books are like a guilty pleasure. There’s something so “soap opera” about them but you have no shame because they are so good! Honestly, I wasn’t too into China Rich Girlfriend but I still found it hard to put down at times.

I’ll also be traveling to Texas soon, so I’m already thinking about what to read on that loooonnnngggg flight. So far, I’m thinking about taking Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen that I found a copy of at the Yungaburra Markets the other day. It’s a smaller copy version which will be easy to carry around.

What are some of your favorite reads so far this year? Do you have any recommendations for books to read on my flight?

Happy reading!


Below I’ve included links to the books I mentioned in case you’re also interested in reading them:

2 thoughts on “Currently Reading (No. 3)

  1. Oooh you’ve read some really great books! I’ve read Emma, The Goldfinch, and To Kill A Mockingbird and really enjoyed them all. I’ve yet to read Sense & Sensibility yet, so I’m eager to see what you think about it. Also, new to your blog but just wanted to say that I really enjoy it!! 🙂

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