Why We Reject Novelty

The other day I was thinking about how different we all are. Each and every one of us has a quality or interest or physical feature that makes us unique. It’s amazing when you think about it. How could there be so many humans that have lived from the world’s beginning until now and not one of us has been exactly alike! But it’s these differences that often cause divisions and misunderstandings. We all have these different ideas and the way we perceive the world is different from the person next to us. Yet I find it remarkable that some people can have the audacity to reject another person’s ideas and viewpoints.

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A new direction

When I first started this blog, I intended it to be about my journey living a gluten-free lifestyle. I was constantly experimenting with recipes to create desserts and sharing them with you so that you and I wouldn’t feel like we were missing out on great food. I still do enjoy baking and creating recipes and I’ll continue to share my recipes, but my purpose for my blog has changed.

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A weekend breakfast at Gallery 5 | Atherton, QLD, Australia

A weekend breakfast at Gallery 5 | Atherton, QLD, Australia

I’m starting a series on my blog featuring different restaurants and their gluten-free menu options. Yes, you can get a salad at almost any restaurant and it’ll be gluten-free “if you order it without the croutons” but no one really wants to eat a salad, and certainly not for breakfast. But if you’re the kind of person who enjoys eating a salad every time you go out for a meal, then congratulations. But this is for those of you who resent every person at your table because they can eat whatever they want while you eat ______ minus the ______.

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