Guide To Cairns: Vintage/Secondhand Shopping

Since moving to Cairns, QLD, Australia in April, I’ve been slowly exploring the area and finding different activities that interest me. Cairns is definitely more suited for the outdoorsy/sporty type, of which I am not. I find more joy in artsy, musical, and creative things, which makes finding those things a little more difficult in an area like this. But I’m trying to see it more as a challenge. I also want to help others who are having the same struggle as me if they live in Cairns or visit or live in a similar area where they feel out of place.

Something I really enjoy doing is vintage shopping or just vintage in general. So here’s a list of the vintage shops I enjoy frequenting. I may add some more to the list in the future, but here are the ones I’ve found so far:

The Other Shop

Location: 55 Lake Street Shop 25 @ Oceana Walk Arcade

This is a quirky vintage/secondhand clothing shop owned by the lovely Jules who specializes in reworking denim pieces into something fun and unique. Her shop is well-curated with pieces for every style, carrying everything from accessories, boots/shoes, jackets, graphic tees, and men’s wear. This is definitely my shop of choice when I’m looking for something unique to add to my wardrobe.

The first time I visited, I had a difficult time finding the shop. I had to ask another shop owner in the shopping arcade to help me find it. The sign is a little hard to find on the storefront, so if you can’t find it, don’t give up! But Jules was so nice and helpful. I ended up finding a mini cargo skirt that I wear constantly, a long denim skirt to try out the trend, and a vintage 90s/y2k chocolate brown velvet/sheer skirt. I don’t often find skirts that fit me well, so I definitely had to get all three. The prices were reasonable as well — more than what you would pay at an op-shop but less than what you would probably pay on Depop. So definitely worth visiting!

Vintage Seeker

Location: 62 Grafton Street Shop 11 @ Oceana Walk Arcade

While you’re in the area, another vintage/secondhand shop in the Oceana Walk Arcade is Vintage Seeker. This shop is more curated towards vintage and vintage-inspired clothing, like modern pieces that have a vintage silhouette or style. I’ve seen some amazing 70s pieces here and at a reasonable price, too! There is so much to look through, including a good selection of men’s wear as well. The racks are organized by size and category, making them easy to sift through. There is a good stock of fun earrings and vintage accessories such as unique belts and bags. I had heard so much about this shop before finally visiting.

The last time I stopped by I found a cream floral 80s vest, a great piece for layering in the tropics. Definitely stop by if you want to find some cool vintage pieces and have a bit of time to try things on.

Crackerbox Palace

Location: 228 Sheridan Street

This was the first vintage store/antique store that I came across in Cairns. It’s a little pricier than the last two shops I mentioned, but there are some rare gems here. When you first walk in, you’ll think you’ve just walked into an antique store, which is a plus if you love antiquing, but walk a little further and you’ll find a section filled with vintage gems. I’d say there’s about an equal amount of men’s and women’s clothing. So many textures and unique pieces to sift through. There are a few modern vintage-inspired pieces mixed in as well but mostly genuine vintage pieces. Lots of funky men’s shirts and so many amazing gowns and dresses.

The last time I stopped by I found a 70s blue and white striped shirt with a dagger collar as well as some 70s sewing patterns. I also enjoy looking at the vinyl in the back. My husband and I found an original 70s Fleetwood Mac Rumours album in great condition for a reasonable price. A great place to stop by and have a look if you also love antiques and old records.


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