Guide to Cairns: Cozy Cafés

There’s something about going to a café just to get out of the house and work on a few things on your laptop or read a book or just have a casual catch-up over a cup of coffee with a friend. But I find that there are so many cafes in Cairns that are packed with groups of people having brunch — loud talking, a lineup at the front with people waiting to be seated, and feeling that as soon as you finish your meal the waitress is just waiting for you to leave so that the next people can be seated. Rush rush rush. There’s certainly a time and a place for that, but when you’re in a new area, it’s difficult to know what the ~vibe~ of the cafe down the street is going to be like. There’s nothing more awkward than sitting down, ordering only a cup of coffee when the waitress just gave you an extensive brunch menu, and then feeling like you’re overstaying your welcome. So to save you the embarrassment and awkward eye contact with the staff, here’s a brief list of a few cafés I’ve visited where I would feel comfortable only ordering a single cup of coffee and staying for a while.

Mama Coco

Location: 4/196 Mulgrave Rd, Westcourt

This is a cute cafe to visit if you’re looking for something a little different. It’s a small café with plants and comfy seats with lined against the wall. It wasn’t too busy and the background music was quiet enough to have a conversation. They have a selection of iced teas and fresh juices along with the usual coffee options. Their menu was a little different with a variety of Tex-Mex inspired options if you felt like grabbing a bite to eat while you’re there. There was also a variety of gluten-free options, including baked items in their fridge section. I ordered a soy latte and a coconut almond slice.

Goose Speciality Coffee

Location: 154 Sheridan St, Cairns City

I really like this café. The environment felt relaxed and the staff was very nice. Not busy at all and lots of seating. There are large tables and smaller tables and bar stools near the window. A couple of customers were there alone working on their laptop or reading. The music felt a little loud at first but I got used to it and it kind. of faded into the background. Not sure if it was just this day, but I probably wouldn’t choose to do any kind of intensive reading here if music bothers you. Aside from the atmosphere, the coffee was really good here. They had food options but it didn’t seem like it was their main focus. So if you felt like just grabbing a coffee with a friend or doing. a little admin work outside. ofthe house, this is a great place to check out.

Envy Espresso

Location: 111-115 Grafton St, Cairns City

This café was an unexpected find. I decided to visit this café last minute to work on a few designs on my laptop. I was happy to see others working on their laptops as well and even USB and outlets throughout the sitting area. It was around noon when I went so it was pretty busy but not in a loud way. The staff was very helpful and nice. I had a fresh pineapple juice as it was a hot day and it was very refreshing. The café is filled with plants and their tables are made of handcrafted reclaimed timber furniture. Gives it a unique feel and makes it more inviting. Not sure what the coffee is like but there were many customers just grabbing a coffee rather than a meal. I’ll have to try their coffee next time.

These are just a few cafés to visit if you’re looking for a cozy vibe in the Cairns area. I’m still on the hunt for more, so I will add more as I come by them.



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