Author Aesthetic: Emily Brontë

Welcome to a new series to my blog: Author Aesthetic. If you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll know I’ve been recently intrigued by the Brontë sisters — more specifically, Emily. Since there’s not much out there about the Brontë sisters because of their early deaths, I became more curious about their personalities and what they were really like, considering the novels and poems they produced. Then I thought: I wonder what they would be like if they were alive now. I wonder what any author who isn’t alive now would be like. So I thought it would be fun/interesting to research each author to get a better grasp on how their personalities and interests would translate today. This is all just for fun and to occupy my curious mind. Hope you enjoy this new series!


Emily Brontë was believed to have preferred wearing “practical” clothing that was comfortable. For example, her preference for wide sleeves even after they went “out of style” was because they allowed room for arm movement and were more comfortable than the tighter sleeves that were becoming more popular. But she also wore clothing that made a statement or that was darker colored. For example, the famous thunder and lightning dress she chose shocked her sisters because the print was “flashy” and “rebellious” and not the typical floral and solid-colored dresses that they gravitated towards.

This makes me believe that she would probably gravitate toward more neutral/earthy colors and favor statement shoes and accessories. Dresses would be a comfortable choice for her, but she would grunge it up with statement boots. She would also like the practicality of masculine clothing such as blazers and trousers but then add a subtle feminine touch with a lace top.


Most of Brontë’s work was poetry, explaining her single novel, Wuthering Heights, but even that was written in a poetic form with lots of symbolism. She would be pleased with the rising popularity of poetry and literary fiction today. Poetry wasn’t as popular during her time. She even wrote about an imaginary world called Gondal. So she might’ve even experimented a little with dystopian and fantasy worlds if she were alive today.

Brontë enjoyed writing in different areas of the house and with a variety of stationery tools. She owned a portable rosewood desk that she called her “desk box” where she kept her writing tools and writings stored. She would enjoy the modern-day laptop that makes writing anywhere easy and the ability to store all her writings safely on it. She would also enjoy the variety of stationery available now — the different colored inks, the modern-day fountain pen, the choices in seal designs and colors, etc. The Galen Leather Writer’s Medic Bag and their Writing Box would also be of interest to her, making her writing portable.


Besides poetry and novel writing, Brontë was an excellent pianist, enjoyed painting and sketching, and loved animals. She would still enjoy piano today and maybe even experiment with other instruments like guitar or violin. Given her love for art and nature, she would enjoy photography and using her shots as inspiration for her art. She would probably even have a blog or YouTube channel where she shared her art and love for writing.


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