October Reading Wrap-up

I participated in a readathon for the first time ever which was exciting, so I definitely read more books than usual in one month. I ended up completing 5 out of the 7 challenges but I did double up on one of the books. So in all I read 4 books for the challenge in 2 weeks. Not bad for my first readathon. With that being said, here are the books I read in October:

Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple

I wrote a review on this book so I’ll link it here. But I briefly mention that I did really really enjoy this book and would recommend it to anyone no matter what type of genre you’re into. I mostly read suspenseful novels but I’ve been branching out a bit more recently. The mom and daughter relationship in this novel is so touching yet comical which makes this a very entertaining read. If you love travel, sarcasm, and a bit of mystery, you will love this book.

The Paris Wife by Patricia McLain

I found this book to be very interesting. It’s about Ernest Hemingway’s first wife and how it gradually came to an end. It’s actually pretty sad but appreciated the bit of insight I gained into Hemingway’s life. I’ve never actually read any of his works in their entirety but this book has definitely moved me to do so. This was actually a very fitting novel to read for the Gilmoreathon because the Gilmore girls actually reference Hemingway throughout the show. I can now say that I understand the references.

Legend by Marie Lu

I was so disappointed with this book. I read so many great reviews about it and expected it to be something like The Hunger Games (which I absolutely love) but sadly it wasn’t. I found the plot to be somewhat okay, but the dialogue was not the most entertaining. I actually found it to be a bit cheesy. I feel like I’ve been reading a lot of books like that lately, but I can’t tell if it’s because I’ve read better versions of them before so my expectations are too high or what. I think the only reason I finished this book was because of the readathon. But if it were up to me I would’ve just skipped to the end to see what happens and be done with it.

Origin by Dan Brown

This book can be controversial. I’ve read other novels by Dan Brown but I have to say that this one could probably be bit much for some people. If you’ve read any of the Robert Langdon series you’d expect some kind of religious dispute in every novel. This one touches a bit on evolution but then turns around and supports religion again (to sum it all up but there’s definitely more to it than that). I’d say if you’re sensitive on the topic, don’t read this one. I’d say, unless you’re a dedicated reader of the Robert Langdon series, it’s not really worth reading this one because in my opinion it was a bit anticlimactic. But to each their own.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

I also wrote a full review on this one so I’ll link it here as well. All in all this was a good book to read after Origin because it was lighthearted and easy to read through in a couple days. Entertaining enough but not the best storyline or dialogue. But if you’re looking for a light holiday read or something to pass the time, this is a good one that will keep you engaged entertained.

What were your favorite books from October? Let me know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “October Reading Wrap-up

  1. I love Dan Brown, but I haven’t heard of Origin. What do you think? Will I like it? I read all of his Langdon series, and I loved them because I’m a big nerd and the religion element is always fascinating because we know better XD I will have to check it out. Your blog really inspires me to do better on my blog, but finding the time and energy is hard. I need to quit my job haha. Thanks for this update. ❤

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    1. Lol. Yeah I’ve always like Dan Brown and none of the religious references have really bothered me. Origin is pretty good. It really dives into evolution though but it didn’t bother me because it just didn’t make sense since, like you said, we know better. But yeah I actually was kinda thinking about not including it in this post because I didn’t want to stumble anyone but yeah 😆 you might like it and I thought it was an interesting concept.



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