Reading Journal Setup | November

I’ve recently been setting up my new personal size Kikki.k planner that I received from @desleyjane_plans on Instagram that I won from one of her giveaways. And although it’s a 2020 planner, I’ve still been experimenting with different setups to see what works best for me. As I was sectioning out the planner to different parts of my life, I decided to create a section to keep track of my reading.

I’ve seen a lot of reading journal setups on Instagram and Pinterest, but it seems like a big commitment to dedicate an entire notebook as a reading journal. So for now I think that including it in my planner will suffice. I can always expand on it in the future if it’s something I decide to keep up.

I played around with an October setup but didn’t get to use it much because I basically set it up just to see if I’d like the setup. I was very happy with it, so I set it up in a similar way for November.

I’m only using four different sections for each month — notes, book list, page tracker, and favorite/tbr. I know a lot of people include quotes and other extras in their journals but I think I’m gonna keep mine simple for now until I find what works for me. If anything, I might just expand my sections in the future.

I printed out some dot grid paper so that it has the same effect as a bullet journal. At the beginning of the November section I’ve included a page for notes I’m taking on a book I plan on reviewing and on the right I can write down the books I am reading for the month and their rating out of 5 stars. I’ve added some decorations to add to it a little. I don’t know, it makes it a bit more exciting I think 🙂

Then I’ve included a page tracker so I can keep up with how much I’m reading on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. This works as a kind of goal tracker so it motivates me to keep up with my reading even if I fall into a reading slump.

And finally I get to pick my favorite book of the month and list the books I’d like to read in December. Like I said. I think I may separate these sections in the future mainly to expand my TBR section.

And that’s buy setup for November! I will be posting my October Reads Wrap-up this weekend. What have you been reading this month?

Do you have a reading journal? What sections have you included in it? Leave your suggestions and ideas in the comment section!

4 thoughts on “Reading Journal Setup | November

  1. Out of all the different journals I have had, so far my favorite is my big happy planner. I don’t have a reading section, but maybe I should and it will help me read more. I’m just so busy all the time! Your set up is so cute and very inspirational! I’m looking forward to setting up 2020!

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