Windin Falls | FNQ, Australia

I had no idea this hike was near the Atherton, Tablelands. The trail is about an hour drive from Atherton. Only an hour!

Most of the shady, tropical trail is pretty flat for the most part. You walk up and down a few times, but I think the most challenging part of it are the muddy patches. You’ll find yourself slipping and sliding all over the place! Gives you an opportunity to catch everyone else struggling on video, though, so you can blackmail them later.

The trail gets a bit steeper (downhill) as you get closer to the falls, so coming back up can definitely get your heart racing. It’s not too long of a climb, though. Just gotta stick it through.

It also really all depends on the type of hikes you like. I’m all for slow, leisurely nature walks, but I also love to get my heart racing with hikes. Even if it’s an easier hike like this one, you’ll still find a few obstacles you have to get over. And you really do appreciate your destination so much more. Its like a reward and an accomplishment all in one.

The closer you get, the sound of rushing water flows through the trail. Your excitement escalates and time escapes you. Your focus has shifted from the obstacles your legs have to overcome to the beauty of the falls you’re about to inhale.

The depth of the hills were too much for you eyes to fathom, but the elevation is enough for your soul to feel its majesty in all its glory.

But it’s like my soul couldn’t fully absorb all that it was taking in; it’s beyond what your imagination is able to create. Standing at the edge of the cliff, watching and feeling the power of the rushing water cascading right over edge; a boldness you could never have. It’s indescribable and cannot compare to any amount of words or pictures.

And to think this is only a sample of what this earth has to offer is overwhelming. We are meant to discover, to adventure, and to enjoy every bit of beauty on this earth without compromise. That’s for sure.


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