What I’m doing during social-distancing so that I don’t completely lose my mind

Social-distancing has not only become mandatory but it’s looked down on if you’re seen 2 inches too close to someone. My how the tables have turned. It’s like every introvert’s dream. The introverts are finally not looked down on for refusing to socialize. So being homebound isn’t exactly torture but contrary to popular belief, we do actually enjoy getting out of the house every once in a while just to do things alone. Are you truly even an introvert if you haven’t gone to a movie, a restaurant, or a concert alone? Now we can’t even do that.

So here are a few things I’ve been doing so that I won’t completely lose my mind — as you can see from the title.

1. Reading. This one is a bit of a given if you visit my blog often. I’ve been wanting to get more into classics ever since I started reading Writers: Their Lives and Works, which talks about writers from pre-19th century to modern day. Although recently I’ve had a short attention span so audiobooks have been my go-to lately. Check out my books section on my blog for my reading suggestions!

2. Decluttering/Deep-cleaning. I’ve gone through my closet and stored my spring/summer clothes and pulled out my fall/winter clothes even though with the temperature lately I probably should’ve kept my spring/summer clothes out a little longer. I’ve also set aside some clothing to donate. We all have “the drawer”. You know, the one you never look in but is also overflowing with miscellaneous items? I may or may not have different versions of that drawer around the house so I tackled those and feel renewed and accomplished.

3. Journaling. Anxiety can get the best of all of us especially when we’re all forced to become hermits. Everyone is going through something as a result of the coronavirus, so journaling is a good way to write down everything you’re feeling at the moment that way it doesn’t get all cluttered up in your mind. If you’re wanting more in-depth tips on how to start journaling, I’ve written an entire post just for that.

4. Scrapbooking. I’ve had this scrapbook album I’ve been meaning to fill, so I ordered a few supplies and have made it a long-term project I can work on when I’m feeling creative.

5. Trying new recipes. I’m not big on cooking. Baking is a different story … but cooking? Meh. I think I could eat the same thing for a week and not mind. But when I’m in the mood, it can be kind of fun experimenting with Pinterest recipes. I made a really good Chicken Alfredo the other day which I’ll link here. And if you’re more interested in baking like I am and you happen to be gluten-free, check out my recipes section on my blog!

6. Playing music. Admittedly, I haven’t been playing my piano, flute, or guitar as much as I should. It’s always been a good stress-reliever for me. I’ve made a goal to relearn the songs I used to know really well years ago.

7. Tidying up my space. My husband recently made us a desk, so I’ve set it up so that it’s inspiring to work at. I’ve also cozied up my reading nook by adding a few more pillows in preparation for the bookshelf my husband is building for me. I don’t know about you, but I’m very affected by my environment so when my space is clean and tidy, it makes me want to create something.

8. Bible study. With more time on my hands, I’ve been able to make even more time for deeper Bible study. I’ve spent more time adding to my Bible journal. I use jw.org to watch Bible-based videos and read on any topic I feel like looking deeper into.

9. Discovering new skincare routine. Even though I haven’t been wearing as much makeup, my skin doesn’t seem to be improving much. For some reason it’s been getting worse. So I’ve started experimenting with some different products — cleansers, masks, moisturizers, etc. It’s actually very therapeutic.

10. Catching up on TV shows. There are a few shows I haven’t quite finished so I’m taking advantage of this extra time to catch up on those. I’m not much of a TV show binger so it takes me a while to finish a show. Let me know if you have any movie/TV show suggestions.

11. Improving my blog and Instagram. This one is kind of a bonus suggestion. Not everyone has a blog, but if you’ve ever been interested in starting one, now’s the time! I’ve been using Skillshare to help improve my Instagram traffic. Even with the few classes I’ve taken, I’ve seen a lot of improvement already. And just recently, I’ve been focusing a lot more on my blog and the vision I have for it.

What are some of the things you’ve been doing to keep yourself busy? Let me know in the comments and follow my Instagram: @_bonitappetit_

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