A weekend breakfast at Gallery 5 | Atherton, QLD, Australia

I’m starting a series on my blog featuring different restaurants and their gluten-free menu options. Yes, you can get a salad at almost any restaurant and it’ll be gluten-free “if you order it without the croutons” but no one really wants to eat a salad, and certainly not for breakfast. But if you’re the kind of person who enjoys eating a salad every time you go out for a meal, then congratulations. But this is for those of you who resent every person at your table because they can eat whatever they want while you eat ______ minus the ______.

Gallery 5 is about a 2 second drive from where I live so I thought it would be a great place to start, especially since they’ve vamped up the place a bit since covid. We ordered at the counter and there was a fairly large menu to choose from. I found that they had a gluten-free bread option which meant that I could choose basically anything from the menu and they would just replace the bread with a gluten-free one. I believe the only breakfast menu item they wouldn’t be able to make gluten-free were the pancakes and some of the cakes. But they do have gluten-free cake options at the counter.

I ended up choosing the G5 Eggs which comes with poached eggs, lightly wilted baby spinach, hollandaise sauce (which is gluten-free), and toast. They also have avocado toast and eggs benedict. You can also add bacon, salmon, or ham to the meal. And for coffee I got a soy latte. They have a variety drink options from a chai latte to an iced coffee and different milk alternatives.

After we ordered we went to choose a table. I liked that almost every table was different in its decoration and setup with both inside and outdoor settings. We eventually chose to sit outside to get a bit of fresh air.

Story time: As we were about to sit down at our table (literally I was pulling the chair from under the table) a man walks up with his dog and says: “Do you mind if I sit here because I have my dog?” So naturally we let him but we had to go and find another table to sit at. Mind you, he wasn’t even eating there. And then he goes inside and asks for a bowl of water for his dog. I was so annoyed. And then he left. Typical local.

When our coffees arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find that my latte was in a tall glass topped with a chocolate drizzle with a peppermint chocolate on the side. I love little details like that. Our breakfast arrived shortly after that and I was absolutely starving.

I really appreciate when restaurants treat a gluten-free meal like it’s any normal meal they serve. Sometimes restaurants won’t care about the presentation of a meal if the original meal is altered in any way. But my meal was presented nicely here. The eggs were poached perfectly and the hollandaise sauce was delicious. I would definitely recommend the G5 Eggs here. My husband ordered the Eggs Benedict which is his typical order but he didn’t really enjoy it. It came with asparagus and a sweet potato hash brown. He said it was good but that he probably wouldn’t order it again. I think my G5 Eggs were closer to an Eggs Benedict than the Eggs Benedict themselves.

Overall, apart from my encounter with DogMan, I enjoyed my meal. The staff was very helpful when I asked about gluten-free options. They even double checked with the cook to make sure my meal would be gluten-free. They also have similar alternatives in the lunch menu. They will replace any bread with gluten-free bread. So if you’re in the Atherton area you will definitely find some gluten-free options at Gallery 5.


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