Finding inspiration to write

I find almost every day I have the urge to write but then something gets in the way — my to-do list, my lack of motivation, writer’s block, my own self-criticism. This is nothing new. Sometimes we just need that extra push to write because we can’t find it within ourselves. That’s when we need to rely on someone or something to give us that push we so desperately need. And sometimes it just means we need to take a breather and give our creative mind a break.

Here are a few suggestions that have helped keep me motivated:


  • Helen Redfern — YouTube and Instagram. She is a writer and has great suggestions on how to organize writing projects, how to stay motivated and inspired to write every day, and posts regular aesthetic pics on Instagram to keep you motivated.
  • Bandit and Cass — YouTube and Instagram. I really enjoy her bullet journaling system. Her videos and posts can inspire you to be productive and motivate you to start keeping a journal.
  • Katy Bellotte — YouTube and Instagram. If you enjoy journaling and find motivation through journaling, I would recommend following her accounts. A lot of my journaling is inspired by her process. Journaling is a great way to get the creative juices flowing.
  • Christy Anne Jones — YouTube. Every once in a while she will post writing vlogs which are inspiring and really makes me want to start writing something. She also has great book suggestions.
  • Written by Charlotte — Instagram. Her instagram is so aesthetically pleasing. Aesthetic is a big factor for me when I’m looking for motivation. She also has a blog and posts often.
  • cupsandthoughts — Instagram. Writers are also readers, right? Cath has great reading suggestions and takes you along with her to different cafes. She also shares quite a bit of journaling photos if you’re wanting to journal more but need some inspiration.
  • mia’sbookblog — Instagram. I would consider following this account if you enjoy journal/book flat-lays. I find seeing them on my feed on a daily basis inspires me to get writing.


  • Taking a walk. Sometimes we just need to step away from writing and let your mind wander on other things. We need to experience things in order to write about them. Even the smallest of flowers can inspire ideas to bloom.
  • Baking/Cooking. This is a personal favorite of mine. I really enjoy baking. Cooking, not so much. If you need some recipe ideas check out my recipes. Spoiler alert, they’re all dessert recipes.
  • Gardening. I don’t know why this is so relaxing but even just repotting a plant or watering them is a good way to feel productive. Sometimes we just need to do one small thing to get the ball rolling. If you don’t have any plants, why not go for a drive a get one that’s not too expensive just in case you kill it. Ha.
  • Scrapbooking. I do a bit of this when I journal. Any kind of scrapbooking is welcome here. It invites the mind to step out of its comfort zone. Then you can take this creativity into your writing space when you’re ready.


  • Kikki.k Stationery. This brand has lots of inspiring stationery that ranges from cute to chic. They have quality journals, practical leather products, some of my favorite pens, and other paper goods. I’ve recently ordered from their site quite a bit because they’ve been having massive sales. Nothing like a nice journal and pen to keep you inspired. Their sales are starting to end so I’d make my way to their site ASAP.
  • Breathe Magazine. I love these magazines. They’re great reading material for when you need that extra boost or need a suggestion that will brighten up your day. They encourage mindfulness and creativity.
  • Flow Magazine. Another great magazine. Similar to Breather magazine and will keep you feeling inspired.


I always find reading great writing to be inspirational. It reassures me that it’s possible to create something really great, it just takes time and energy — which you now have because you’ve been inspired.

I hope these suggestions help you in your writing journey, whether that be your blog, a book, or just for your own amusement. If you have any suggestions on what keeps you motivated, leave them down in the comments. I would greatly appreciate it! Don’t forget to follow my Instagram for more content like this.


2 thoughts on “Finding inspiration to write

  1. Reading blog posts from bloggers my age keeps me inspired to work on my website. Not comparing or anything. The fact that there are people doing something because they want to do it even if they only get a few likes and subscribers, without any monetary gains is commendable.

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