My Top Ten Favorite Classics

I’ve read many classics that I’ve loved, so I’ve listed my top ten favorites as of right now, which are in no particular order. Still have a lot to read!

1. Pride and Prejudice

This one’s a given. Everyone and their mom has read this book, and there’s a reason why it’s so popular. The writing is enchanting and magnificent, and the characters make you want to be part of their story. I first read this some time ago and I’m beginning to forget the details of the book, which makes me want to read it again.

2. A Raisin in the Sun

This book is written in a play script format and is about an African-American working-class family struggling to live the “American Dream.” I’ve read this book twice. That’s not really saying much considering it’s a short novel, but I don’t reread books that often unless I really really like them.

3. Little Women

This is such an innocent book. My mom had a copy of it which she gave to me, which I think makes it even more special. You will fall in love with the March sisters, each of them so different to each other and one of whom you will relate to the most. Alcott has a way of drawing you into the story and making you feel a part of it.

4. Laughter in the Dark

My favorite author, Vladimir Nabokov. Most of his books are written about the main character living a double life and becoming lost in the process. I haven’t read one of his books in a while, mostly because I read through a lot of his books all at once when I took an entire class about him for my English major, but I remember this book standing out to me the most.

5. Wuthering Heights

Ah, the Brontë sisters. This has to be one of my favorite books of all time. This book is haunting, chilling but enchanting all at the same time. Catherine and Heathcliff are selfishly and maliciously in love. You form a love-hate relationship with them that leaves you confused and enthralled from the beginning and long after you finish reading it.

6. The Great Gatsby

Everyone has mixed feelings about this book. You either love it or hate it. And if you haven’t read it then you’ve more than likely seen the movie. Gatsby is a classic story and is better told as a novel. Fitzgerald’s writing is so captivating that when I read this book, I found myself constantly rereading passages because of how beautifully they were written. I think I can officially say that I’ve read this book twice.

7. Jane Eyre

There is some absolutely beautiful writing in this book. Ive read it, watched it, everything. The setting is actually quite depressing, even the movie depicted that well. Jane Eyre is a strong independent female protagonist who falls in love with a troubled man, Edward Rochester but she is no way vulnerable to love. So this book is mostly a love story but not in a cheesy way. There is no trace of Nicholas Sparks here.

8. And Then There Were None

I think murder mystery books are my first love. I have read so many of them and they are usually what pull me out of a reading slump. And I can tell you that Agatha Christie is the queen of all murder mysteries. This book is so mind-boggling and gripping you won’t want to put it down! Ten are invited as guests to a private island where the host is nowhere to be found, and one by one they are killed until there are none left, hence, the title. You will suspect everyone until you’re left with no one to suspect. So good!

9. <a href=”http://<a target=”_blank” href=””>To Kill a Mockingbird</a>""To Kill A Mockingbird

I still can’t believe I hadn’t read this book until recently. How did I graduate high school without reading it? Nobody knows. But I’m actually kinda glad I didn’t read it in school. There’s something about a teacher telling you to read a book so that you can be quizzed on it unexpectedly for a grade that puts me off. I actually went into a reading slump during my high school years because of that.

10. Emma

Another Jane Austen book, what can I say. I read this one just recently as well. Emma is such a funny character — vain, witty, and an empowered woman — in all the best ways. She plays matchmaker in her little village, but her schemes end up backfiring. It’s actually pretty funny how things end up turning out in the end. Oh Emma, when will you learn?

Let me know some of your favorite classics! Are there any you’re wanting to read soon? If you’re interested in reading any of the books I mentioned, feel free to click on the book cover links below and you can purchase them from Amazon 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Top Ten Favorite Classics

  1. Great list. I have not read yet A Raisin in the Sun and Laughter in the Dark but they seem very good.
    As for the other books on your list, I loved them too. I would probably add on my list Stendhal’s The Red and the Black and Tolstoi’s Anna Karenina. It is difficult to pick only ten books though…

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