Currently Reading (No. 2)

Hi everyone! How are your reading challenges going so far this year?? I must admit that I’m not off to a great start. But I just finished reading The Goldfinch which, if you know, is a really long book (but those are some of the best in my opinion). So since finishing that book, I think I’ll be keeping better track of the number of books I should be reading each month. I should catch up soon!

However, I really appreciated Donna Tartt’s writing in The GoldfinchI found so many passages that I could just read over and over again, which made me wish I had a copy of the book to myself (I checked this one out from the library). The book was quite intense, but the way story plot made sense the way the author was able to make everything flow so naturally. And I loved the ending! Which is a lot to say because, in my opinion, it’s rare to find a book without a disappointing ending both in the plot and the writing structure.

But since then, I’ve dived into some lighter reads:

Yes, I know what you’re thinking … To Kill a Mockingbird?? Well, I thought I escaped my schooling without having to read this book, by I kind of regret it now, as I’ve heard it’s a really good book. It’s actually shocking that I haven’t read it yet.

Also, I’ve heard so much about the movie Crazy Rich Asians. Honestly, though, it just hasn’t grabbed my attention. But alas, here I am at the library checking it out in shame. I’ve decided that if I’m ever going to watch the movie, I’ll just have to read the book first.

I usually like to throw in a good self-help book or memoir into the mix. It helps keep things balanced. So far it’s a really good read, and I only read about a section a day, which is easy to keep up with and is also a nice dose of self-help for the day.

What have you all been reading recently? Let me know in the comments.

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Happy reading!


I’ve linked the books I mentioned for your convenience if you’re interested in purchasing them:


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