Tasmania, Australia | Mt. Wellington

It’s been a month since I’ve been back in the states. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about my trip to Australia. Not only do I miss Tyler (we are in a long-distance relationship), but I also miss the country, the people and the scenic views.




I spent a total of two months in Australia but spent most of my time in Queensland. We didn’t travel much outside of that area but we did visit a few scenic spots, mostly waterfalls, which were absolutely gorgeous! Texas doesn’t have many waterfalls so it was a new experience for me, not to mention we even got to swim at a few of them.


We also took a two-week trip at the end of my stay where we visited the Gold Coast. We visited the beach and spent a good amount of quality time together.

After the Gold Coast week, Tyler and I flew to Tasmania. I have to say that Tasmania is one of my favorite places. I wish we could’ve visited longer.

While in Tasmania, we did a day trip to Bruny Island with a couple of Tyler’s friends. We toured an old lighthouse and climbed all the way to the top where we could feel the Arctic winds. The scenic view was beautiful… even on a cloudy day.




We also visited the beach that was near the lighthouse. It was a bit of a walk, but it was worth it. The winds caused the water to crash into the rocks and created a calming, soothing sound. I tried getting some cool shots of it but failed miserably.

The next day we hiked along Coningham beach — we did lots of walking/hiking on this trip. We took quite a few breaks to enjoy the landscape from several cliffs, throw rocks around, do some adventuring along the beach and climb up to a cave. That was one of my favorite days. After which we visited the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.



Who knew that all this walking and hiking was just a preview of what was to come!

The next we headed to Mount Wellington to do a “short” hike. I’m all about hiking. I love it. But preparation is definitely a must. Ten minutes into the hike and I thought I was about to lose my legs. And the constant “we’re almost there” was growing dull as the top of the mountain didn’t seem to be getting any closer.



The view from the top was definitely worth the frozen fingers and wobbly legs. The city of Hobart looked so small from way up there, and the snow-covered mountain tops in the distance were breathtaking! I can’t wait to do that hike again but probably take a different trail.

The end of our trip was approaching so we decided to head to the Salamanca Markets on Saturday before we flew back to Queensland the next day. I needed to grab a few gifts for family and friends; the markets were the perfect place for that.

Our last day ended with a nice family dinner where I decided to make a last-minute chocolate cake with ingredients I found around the house. To my surprise it actually came out tasting like a german chocolate cake; it was delicious and the “flour” base was made from three slices of gluten-free bread! Although, I would like to tweak it up a bit so keep an eye out for that recipe.



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