New Zealand | Christchurch to Auckland

It was only a couple weeks ago that my husband and I booked a last minute trip to New Zealand. I wish I could say it was a decision that stemmed from our desire to live spontaneously but for the most part it was because it was time for me to renew my Australia travel visa. Can’t really complain about actually being forced to go on an overseas trip, and since we’ve been wanting to visit New Zealand for some time now, we decided to take advantage of this situation.

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Sugar Cookies | Gluten-free

Most of us reach that point in our lives where all we want is some Pilsbury sugar cookies. But not only do I live in a country where they don’t exist, finding a decent gluten-free sugar cookie period is near impossible. In all the years I’ve been gluten-intolerant, I don’t remember eating a sugar cookie that wasn’t cakey or could quite possibly be confused with a rock.

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