Journal Prompt Ideas

I’m one to use my journal as a space for brain dumping — a place where I write whatever is weighing me down or anything I want to document. But when I started journaling I often found it difficult to write anything at all because I didn’t know what to write. So for those of you just starting to get into the habit of journaling or wanting include journaling as part of your routine, I’ve compiled a few prompt ideas to get your brain juices going:

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April Reading Wrap-up | 2020

Well this was an interesting month … What have you been doing to pass the time? I’ve been indulging myself in hobbies I’ve neglected. I just wrote a post on things to do during social distancing if you’re running out of ideas. But if you’re like me and happy to just snuggle up on a couch and read, here’s what I read in April.

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