The perfect writer’s bag | Galen Leather

I’ve always dreamed of the perfect writer’s bag. I once read a blog post suggesting a bag from Scaramanga as a writer’s bag, a place to carry notebooks, pens, a laptop, iPad, books, etc. I bought that bag. I loved it but it just wasn’t the right fit for me; it was too bulky for what I wanted. Years later I came across a review for the Galen Leather Writer’s Medic Bag. The perfect writer’s bag. It was love at first sight. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I caved.

I convinced myself I could use it for travel, day-to-day, and more importantly, as my writer’s bag, and plus they had a Black Friday sale so it was the perfect time to get it. Galen Leather offers a smaller and larger size and in various colors as well. I opted for the smaller size knowing that the larger size would probably be too bulky like my last bag did. I bought it in the crazy horse tan color but also considered the green and smoky colors. I loved the colors but thought the tan would match my wardrobe best.

What’s unique about this bag is that it’s like carrying a portable desk wherever you go. There are magnetic closures on the sides that allow the bag to open so that it sits up displaying your pens, pencils, and other writing tools you need. The bag also converts into a backpack. The smaller size bag will fit a bit snug for most but the larger size will fit most. The straps are also adjustable so that the length is suitable for you. The smaller size is also large enough to fit an iPad and A5 notebook with still some space left over on the edges. It would be too small for a 13″ laptop but I’ve heard that it can fit in the larger size bag.

Galen Leather is a stationery and leather goods shop based in Turkey. Their products are well-made and unique so definitely check out their shop! The Writer’s Medic Bag was the last design their founder created before passing. I’m so glad I discovered this brand and this bag. Worth every penny and I’m so glad I treated myself!

If you are interested in treating yourself to anything on the Galen Leather website (including this bag) feel free to use my 5% off code that I’ll link here. Galen Leather also has a rewards program that I’ll personally be taking full advantage of. I’ll also link my YouTube review of this bag if you would like a more tangible idea of what the bag is like.



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