Waterfall Circuit | FNQ, Australia

I’ve never seen so many waterfalls in one area since moving to the Tablelands in Queensland, Australia. Although there are quite a few waterfalls in the area, the waterfall circuit near Milla Milla, Queensland is pretty well known.

On this particular day, we took a few Nivan friends with us as we’re learning their native language – Bislama – and wanted to spend some time with them by showing them around the area.

First stop was Milla Milla Falls. This is probably one of the better known waterfalls in the area. It was actually raining this day so the water wasn’t as cold as it usually is.

The next waterfall on our list was Zillie Falls, my personal favorite. When you arrive, you end up at the top of the falls, which is pretty unique considering you can literally stand at the top of the falls and look down to see how far you’ll falls if you took a wrong step.

To get to the bottom, you have to go down a trail. It was pretty slippery when we went since the rain was coming and gong throughout the day. But there are two trails – one is steeper than the other which I don’t suggest taking on a rainy day unless you feel like being an orange muddy mess. Out of curiosity, a few of us took the steeper trail on the way back up which I don’t particularly regret but I also wouldn’t choose to go that way again on a rainy day.

The journey to the waterfall made the experience that much better – navigating on trails and doing a bit of boulder hopping. I definitely wouldn’t mind doing the small hike to have a look of this wonderful piece of nature.

The final waterfall we did that day was Ellinjaa Falls. One of the smaller falls but still equally as stunning. It took a little bit of a walk to get to but not nearly as dramatic as Zillie.

By the way, these waterfalls are safe to swim in. No crocodiles, promise!


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