May Reading Wrap-up | 2020

I mostly read audiobooks in May. They’ve been a great way for me to get some reading done while cleaning or cooking. At times I don’t even realize how unpleasant the cleaning and cooking are because I’m so engrossed in my audiobook. Sometimes I even try to find something else to clean so I can continue listening to my book. Audiobooks are an actual life-changer.

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2020 Reading Goal

I have loved reading ever since I was a kid. It’s a form of escaping into an imaginary world that’s still considered socially acceptable as an adult. Sure you may outgrow your genre preference and your bookshelves may be filled with thick wordy books rather than a 10-page picture book but reading is still something you enjoy and it allows you to escape from the mundanity of life and into an imaginary one that exists only in your mind. It’s one of my favorite pastimes and I can’t imagine my life without it.

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My Favorite Books of 2019

I actually reached my reading goal for this year. It wasn’t until the past couple years that I started set reading goals for myself. It used to be something I did as a school kid so I didn’t really like the idea of setting reading goals voluntarily. I think, though, that once we’re past school age and reading isn’t part of your everyday curriculum it’s good to set yourself a goal that way you don’t accidentally let everyday life get in the way of picking up a book and actually reading it. This year I set myself a goal of 30 books. Doesn’t sound like much but I do experience the occasional reading slump and things in life get to be too much and I don’t wanna overwhelm myself. I don’t want reading to ever become a “burden” so I never expect too much of myself. That keeps it at a nice leisurely activity for me.

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