Finding inspiration to write

I find almost every day I have the urge to write but then something gets in the way — my to-do list, my lack of motivation, writer’s block, my own self-criticism. This is nothing new. Sometimes we just need that extra push to write because we can’t find it within ourselves. That’s when we need to rely on someone or something to give us that push we so desperately need. And sometimes it just means we need to take a breather and give our creative mind a break.

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Journal Prompt Ideas

I’m one to use my journal as a space for brain dumping — a place where I write whatever is weighing me down or anything I want to document. But when I started journaling I often found it difficult to write anything at all because I didn’t know what to write. So for those of you just starting to get into the habit of journaling or wanting include journaling as part of your routine, I’ve compiled a few prompt ideas to get your brain juices going:

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What I’m doing during social-distancing so that I don’t completely lose my mind

Social-distancing has not only become mandatory but it’s looked down on if you’re seen 2 inches too close to someone. My how the tables have turned. It’s like every introvert’s dream. The introverts are finally not looked down on for refusing to socialize. So being homebound isn’t exactly torture but contrary to popular belief, we do actually enjoy getting out of the house every once in a while just to do things alone. Are you truly even an introvert if you haven’t gone to a movie, a restaurant, or a concert alone? Now we can’t even do that.

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