Styling My Vintage Finds | no. 01

I’ve recently taken up a thrifting hobby, specifically, a vintage-seeking hobby. I’ve gotten quite good at spotting vintage and not having to spend an excessive amount of time looking through every piece in the thrift store. I will do a separate blog post on my thrifting tips in the future and will go more in depth.

I love to see how other people style up their vintage items because you could easily look like you’re walking out of a certain decade if you style it up wrong. So I’ve finally decided to make a blog series featuring my vintage pieces and how I would style them. Hopefully this will encourage you to go out and thrift your items instead of buying from fast fashion companies. It’s budget friendly and feels like a treasure hunt!


With this look I’m styling up a vintage vest I found recently. I couldn’t pass it up when I found it. The thrift store was having a bag sale of 15 items for $5. I would say this vest was maybe from the 60s just by looking at the tag. I had no idea how I would style it but knew that I had to have it.

I decided to style it with this Princess Highway black mini skirt I thrifted on depop some months ago and then cinched in the waist with this vintage belt. Then threw on some Princess Polly Therapy sandals and this black and brown vintage crossbody. This look gave me office/university vibes — chic but not dated. I find mixing modern pieces or modern trends with vintage pieces helps to bring all the pieces together.


Next I styled up this green top I found at the same thrift store I mentioned before during the bag sale. It looked like work apparel from the 90s and was new with tags. They also had it in yellow and blue. Kind of regretting not getting the other colors. I wasn’t sure I would like the cut on me be I found tying it up in the front and then tucking it under made it look like a crop top — giving the top a modern twist. Then I just paired it with these checkered pants from Princess Highway and the same sandals and bag from the previous outfit.


This is one of my favorite looks. It’s casual so it’s easy to wear on the day-to-day. The top, jeans, and bag are all vintage. I had been struggling to style this top without it looking too oversized on me. I found these 80s high-waisted jeans helped to define my waist and elongate me legs, especially since I cropped them. I chose to style this up with my Princess Highway sandals. I found that the colors tied it really well with this 90s bag.


And finally, I recently found this red top. Not really sure what decade this is from but I’m thinking maybe 70s or 80s. It’s definitely oversized on me but I found that tying it up helped to define my waist. I really wanted to go along with the western vibe so I layered it over this tiered white dress I got at a clothing swap. I dusted off my boots and slung on this fringe suede backpack that helped tie it all together. Now I’m ready for the Houston Rodeo!

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it encourages you to go out and look for some vintage items! Which look did you like the most? Let me know in the comments!


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