7 Ways to Style a Basic White Tee

This is my first of hopefully many styling posts to come. So I thought my first post should be something easy and something everyone has in their closet: the basic white tee.

True, there are many different styles of the basic white tee out there and I have experimented with many types: scoop-neck, fitted, high-neck, cropped, boxy, you name it. But just recently I went thrifting with nothing I was looking for in particular but I came across this white tee from Country Road. It’s definitely over-sized on me (I’m a size xxsmall and I don’t think I would have reached for this style tee if I were shopping for it in the actual store. That’s what I love about thrifting, you get to try different styles of clothing without breaking the bank. Also, keep in mind that I’m blogging from Australia so since we’re heading into Spring/Summer I thought I’d create some outfits for those coming seasons.

Here are 7 ways you can style your white tee:

1. Classic Jeans and White Tee

This one is a no-brainer. Even if you think you have nothing to wear, this is a safe go-to. And just so it doesn’t look like the same outfit all of the time, change it up with a belt or different shoes. Accessories are your friend for this clean-slate look.

I tucked my tee into a pair of XLE denim and paired it with some slip-ons I got on Depop but they are the Seed brand. And my circular rattan bag I got from Bali but they sell them anywhere. For jewelry I just wore some dainty gold pieces I use almost daily. I wore the same jewelry for every outfit I mention here.

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2. Mini Skirt

Pairing your white tee with a mini skirt automatically makes your outfit casual. I used to shy away from wearing mini skirts because I felt like it looked like I was trying too hard. But if you pair it with the right top and some flat shoes, it will turn into one of your favorite outfits because it’s so comfy!

My corduroy mini skirt is from Princess Highway but you can use any mini skirt. I prefer A-line styles because they flatter my petite figure. And they’re more comfortable than skin tight ones. I’m wearing the same Seed slip-ons and slung a mini leather backpack. 

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3. Layering

If you’re looking for more ways to wear that dress or that romper you have in your closet, think about using your white tee as a layering piece. It will completely transform your dress/romper.

I layered mine under an All About Eve romper I’ve had for a couple years now. I felt like I was bored with the style of it and was considering getting rid of it but I layered it with the white tee and can’t wait to wear it once the weather starts getting warmer. To keep it casual I paired it with my white sneakers.

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4. Denim Shorts

Light denim, dark denim, it doesn’t matter here. It’s the same concept as the jeans and white tee outfit.

I got my shorts from Princess Highway. I just hemmed them a little bit because they were a little too long for me. I like to tuck my shirts in all the way when I’m wearing shorts. I don’t know why. I literally just realized this. But if you choose to do this, it gives you an excuse to wear a belt. So I wore a black belt I thrifted some time ago along with some black platform slides. For someone with my height (5’2”), platform anything is a huge favor but you can wear literally any other show with this outfit. And then I just slung on a beige mini structured bag I got from Kmart.

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5. Midi Skirt

The whole idea here is to pair your white tee with a longer skirt. It can be whatever design and color you want. And then either tuck in your white tee or tie it in a knot at the front like I did.

I just wore this lavender floral skirt I thrifted a couple years ago and slid on my platform slides from the last outfit. I also loved how my rattan bag tied the whole outfit together.

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6. Colored Denim

I feel like the best way to style a colored pant is with a basic top and basic accessories.

Here I tucked in my tee just in one corner like I did in the first outfit. But you can tuck it in all the way or even tie it up. I also wore my Seed slides and my tan mini backpack. 

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7. All White

This last outfit could possibly be a little out there for some people. I was a bit reluctant to try it. First of all I’d be afraid to stain my outfit, and second of all wearing a whole monochromatic outfit tends to be more of a statement look.

So I just tucked my tee into some cream pants from Princess Highway. Not exactly white but close enough. And then I just wore my white sneakers. If you’re short like me you’ll probably appreciate how much this outfit will lengthen your body. You could even wear some white platform shoes for even more height.

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I hope you enjoyed these looks and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more outfit inspiration and lifestyle content 🙂

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