February Thrift Haul

I love thrifting. It’s kind of a kill two birds with one stone situation: Retail therapy is cheaper than a human therapist, plus, you can find some really cool things for a super cheap price. I mean, how can you not go thrifting?

Over the course of time, I’ve collected a few things from the local thrift stores. Recently, I’ve been focusing on purchasing a few basics to create more variety in my wardrobe. In my opinion, if they’ve made it to the thrift store second hand and still look like they’re hardly worn in, it’s a good sign that they’ll last so much longer than buying a $5 basic from a bargain store. It’s best to invest in good quality basics because they’ll be something you’ll use all year and for years to come.


I picked up a couple of black tops — a short sleeve that’s slightly cropped and a sleeveless for the warmer days.

This is honestly the most practical thing I own in my entire wardrobe. I honestly probably wear it with every other outfit.

You can’t tell too much in the pictures but it has a unique texture that makes it super comfortable and soft to wear. The texture really makes it a twist on the plain black t-shirt. I can picture this in both summer and winter because it’s a sweater-like material but it’s not uncomfortable to wear in the hot weather.

This one is probably more practical for the warmer weather. I really like the tie-up detailing on the neckline that adds a little more interest to a basic. Since it’s longer, it’s easy to tuck it into some jeans or shorts.

I have admittedly owned so many off the shoulder tops that I only wore once or twice because they were so uncomfortable to be in. It’s no fun having to constantly make sure your top isn’t falling off, you know?

The plus side about this one is that it still had the tags on and it fit perfectly. Stayed perfectly in place and cropped at the perfect length. I’d say this is the kind of top where you don’t really know what to wear but you’re afraid to look too dressed up but also afraid to look too dressed down. This is kind of a safe in-between.

Here’s another basic striped top that’s great for the warmer months but can also be layered in the winter. Surprisingly I have basically (ha, get it?) no sleeveless tops in my closet other than spaghetti strapped shirts which I only wear as a layering piece. You notice these kinds of things when you’re sweating in spots you didn’t know could sweat (tmi?). By the way, this one was also brand new with tags.


I found these pants that are originally from Cotton On. Not the best brand but these were in pretty good condition … until I tried them on and found out that the elastic was totally busted!

I bought them anyway because I figured that since I have a sewing machine now, I could probably fix it. And I did. Super easy, too. Now I finally have a pair of patterned pants.


Lo and behold, the gem of this entire haul. *queue celestial music* It was like everything was moving in slow motion when I saw this beauty just hanging on the rack all alone.

I believe it’s also vintage, but I forgot the brand name because when I washed it, the label faded off … But that’s ok! I’m still so happy I found an oversized denim jacket that doesn’t cost at least $100! I have a feeling this was probably a men’s jacket because it’s a size small but the sleeves were so excessively long I had to roll them up a couple times.

Anyhow, I made this jacket work for me, and that’s all that matters.

I’m not quite sure how to describe this cardigan. It’s not silver or gray but it’s also not black …

I don’t know, but I thought this would be a good basic cardigan to dress up or down.


I have probably one pair of silver earrings. Lately, I’ve been into a lot of gold and dainty jewelry, but sometimes I need that one silver pair and then I have to resort to my giant hoops that are not very comfortable after a few hours. I was so happy to find these small ones! I’ve worn them almost every day since I got them, and they are just the best thing ever.

Ok, so this bag isn’t gonna be everyone’s cup of tea. But I actually really like it! It’s so unique to everything else you see out there. It kind of reminds me of bags in the 1950s or like the little purses I would carry around with me when I was a little girl and had an obsession with purses (I literally had like 20 purses or more). I’ve used this bag once so far. It’s actually really spacious inside and really well made.


On this same day, I had been on the hunt for a candle or two for the house. I hadn’t found any I liked until I landed on this brand new candle that smells a bit like cinnamon but also kind of musky. Kind of reminds me of home.

Gradually, I’ve been trying to find a few things to decorate the house with. So I thought this little container would be a good, practical thing to add. Any wicker-style decoration pieces can add a lot of character and make a home feel a bit cozier.

Hope you enjoyed this thrift haul! Got any thrifty finds you’d like to brag about or have any thrifting tips? Let me know in the comments!


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