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My excuse for stationery shopping recently is that it’s the beginning of a new year and I have planner needs I need to fulfill. I mentioned in a previous post on How to Keep a Planner All Year that I purchased a daily planner from Emma Kate Co., a Melbourne-based company. I’ve had this planner since early November? and could not wait to use it in 2019. That time is finally here and I needed to purchase a few stationery items that could help me achieve my planning goals.

Alpaca stickers. Self-explanatory.


Artline200. The most important stationery item when keeping a planner is what you choose to write with. Whatever you choose will either encourage you to keep up with your planner or just discourage you altogether. I’ve been using a fine tip 0.4mm marker since last year, and I’ve found it to be the best for using in my planner. If you are curious, make sure to look for one that doesn’t leak through the opposite side of the paper and is fast drying. There’s nothing worse than turning the page and finding out that the other side is completely ruined with mysterious black a specks or to have the most perfect handwriting and accidentally smudge it with the edge of your hand …

Staedtler exam dust free erasers. I use a pencil sometimes to sketch out my vision for my planner every day, but I use a mechanical pencil I found at the bottom of my bag that has a shocking eraser. You know, the kind that just smudges your pencil marks everywhere? Yeah, so I decided to buy a couple of reliable erasers.


Stabilo Boss highlighters. Lately, pastel colors have been popular in highlighters (according to Pinterest and Instagram, which are reliable sources). I love how easy they are on the eyes. Brighter colors seem to scream at me a bit much so I thought these would be a nice touch.


Fine tip colorful markers. Using black can get a bit boring even after a few days, so I thought a nice touch of color would spice things up a bit. I often draw boxes or add doodles in my planner using my fine tip black marker, but a pop of color would be nice every once in a while.


Typo pencil case. I experienced my first ever Boxing Day last week and scored this awesome pencil case for next to nothing. It has plants on it, therefore, it’s everything I need.


Whimsical washi tape. I had a low budget going in on my stationery shopping adventure, so I chose to visit a shop that usually has cute stationery supplies for cheap. I was especially on a hunt for washi tape because it was time to add to my 3-roll collection. I think I went down the aisles 3 or 4 times and saw these randomly lying there with no price or evidence that it even had a spot on the shelves. Score! Pastel AND cute AND cheap.


Handwritten stamps. I have some stamps already in my collection but they were a bit bold for the look I was going for in my planner. These were the last ones in stock and they were pretty cheap so how could I say no?

Hope you enjoyed this haul! I love reading these types posts and seeing what other people use in their planners. Let me know if you have any recommendations. What’s your favorite stationery item to use in your planner?


2 thoughts on “Planner Stationery Haul

  1. I love stationary hauls. I’m a bit of an addict myself XD Thanks for sharing, you can’t go wrong with alpaca stickers!! I bought a new planner in August for the school year, but I may just buy another one for the start of a new year. I’m telling you its an obsession! Loved your mango bread recipe and I would love to visit Australia someday! Miss you and tell your hubs I said hello. ❤

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