October Favorites

Where has 2018 gone?? It’s already the end of October! I can’t even remember it beginning…

But the end of a month means October favorites are up on everyone’s blog right now. I’ve accumulated a few this month. From skincare to food it’s all here. So let’s get started.


The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Control Lotion SPF 15. When in Marshals earlier this summer, I found a moisturizer by The Body Shop that promised to deliver an oil-controlling base while protecting your skin with SPF15. I had been searching for a summertime moisturizer that would have SPF without making my skin oily. Because who needs that on hot summer days? Not me. So having already fallen in love with The Body Shop’s mattifying toner that I mentioned in my April Favorites, I decided to give it a try. I’ll just say that on the days I don’t wear this, my face is so oily and my makeup just drips off of my face. This moisturizer not only protects you from the sun, but it keeps your makeup looking good even on a hot, humid day. I knew I loved this product when I found myself at the shopping center repurchasing it. Thank goodness Australia has this brand.



Breath Magazine. I’ve purchased this magazine before. It takes a while to get through, which I love. It’s a magazine all about taking a moment to care for yourself and listening to what your body and mind need to stay healthy both physically and mentally. I love that it has different sections with articles that focus in on that topic. The articles aren’t too long, so if you have a little time on your hands, this is something easy and fulfilling to pick up. It helps put things into perspective and helps you reevaluate what you’re doing with your time and energy.


The Library. I’ve been an especially regular visitor to the local library. Even more so since my books from America haven’t arrived here yet. So I need to borrow books from somewhere. I can’t just stop reading. Never. So the library has been my sanctuary. End of discussion.


Mojo Crafted Kombucha Mango Lime. Recently my stomach has been causing havoc in my daily life. It might be something I’m eating and not aware of, the water, anxiety or all three, who knows. But I’ve found that kombucha has helped keep my gut in check. I’ve tried a few flavors before but didn’t find them any good. I couldn’t even finish half the bottle. This mango lime flavor, though, is on point. I’ve found that kombucha flavors with lime or lemon in them are tastier and don’t leave as much of an aftertaste.


Broccolini. I think I’m gonna have to say that broccolini is my new favorite vegetable. Why have broccoli when you can have a mini version of it that tastes even better! I’ve basically been adding this to any meal. It has a zesty flavor which you can enhance by adding some lime or lemon to it when cooking. I added some to my ramen the other day — best decision of my life.

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