The Sunday Scroll

Any football fans out there? Hope you were an Eagles fan today…

On another note, I’ve been getting over being sick this past week; although I still have that lingering cough. I’m just thankful it wasn’t the flu. However, I’m preparing for the spring season.

I’ve never had my own garden before; it’s always been a family garden, but we haven’t kept up with it in the past few years. (We ended up making the “garden” into a dog kennel). So I decided a garden would be good in the corner of our yard under our childhood playhouse. I’m planning for a pallet garden. Here are some inspiration images from Pinterest I found if you’re looking to garden this spring.

garden pallet 1pallet garden 2pallet garden 3

I bought some small clay pots from Mexico this weekend to add some character to the vertical pallets. I will probably be painting the pallets white and sanding them down a bit to get a rustic look. I’m very excited about this garden, so hopefully it all turns out okay.

So far I’ve planted lettuce, strawberries, spinach and chives to transplant into the garden later.

Are you starting a garden this year? If so, what are you planting? Got any tips for a newbie?

Also, made some chocolate chip scones today that turned out to be a hit at out Super Bowl gathering, so keep an eye out for that recipe.


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